Promobiz’s cross network:

Promobiz’s cross network is one of the innovative strategy which works best and leads to the sales promotion.

So, We at the promobiz endeavors to connect all the business enterprise through the concept of cross selling and discount offers.

Our endeavor is to make customer visit your enterprise through the offering of discount at his/her favorite outlet. And on the other side. what we expect from the enterprise is to delight the customer by offering a perfect service mix and by anyhow make him a brand loyal customer and treat him in a way that even if he dosen’t get the discount cards of the promobiz he definitely visits the enterprise. Our Endeavor is to be of such type, that your business enterprise should come first when he/she thinks of such type of products or services.

Our expectation is to treat the customer and give him such a nice hospitality that next time he should not come from the medium of promobiz. He should become the brand loyal through one visit only.

Our ultimate aim is to present the customer at your doorstep.

Ya. but we commit for giving you the prospective customers on and on. And our endeavor is to make visit a new prospect only. Because we hope that one who has came from the offering of the promobiz and after visiting your enterprise he/she has already become the brand loyal.

Promobiz’s corporate plus:

Promobiz’s corporate plus, which has exclusively designed for the corporates only. What we have seen through our experience is that in the corporate at the regular intervals there are some products or services which are needed on the timely basis. And sometimes it becomes tedious job for the corporates to find it out at the nearest place which leads to the less concentration in the business we are.

So, we at the promobiz have taken the initiative to come up with some services which solves the issue. We at the promobiz has made the tie ups with leading brands to facilitate you while servicing. In addition as we have made the exclusive tie ups there is a special discount which is being offered by the supplier as we are the one’s who gives them the orders on the regular basis. Which turns out to be the incremental discount for the corporates.

Our job is not to give the contact of the suppliers and then you place the orders, At this level all these things will be looked after by promobiz only. You just need to contact us that what kind of product or services you want and at what time, your order will be available at your door steps within the time. Not only that we also look after the after sales services and the warrenties or gurranties.

Promobiz’s sales building:

Promobiz’s sales building is a sales building solution irrespective in the industry your business belong. We have the skilled human resources who are capable to sell the products & services in the market.

We have the mix of skilled human resources from the various educational backgrounds in order to go to the depth of that product or services.

Promobiz’s strategy building:

Promobiz ‘s strategy building where strategy is being formed according the nature and the problem of the business. We have the team of experts who have the experience in the field of strategic management. We devised the different strategies for the different areas like, sales promotion strategies, brand awareness strategies, product development strategies and, market development strategies.

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