Promobiz sales promotion and business Management Consultancy is one of the fastest growing sales promotion consultancy firm.

We at the promobiz endeavors to increase the sales revenue of the connected business enterprise.


Our mission is to create the win win situation both for the business enterprise in increasing the sales and also for the customers by giving the discount and offers.


Our vision is to become the no.1 business consulting firm providing the 360 degree business solutions.

Our findings:

We at the promobiz have tried to understand the customer behavoiur when they are given any scheme, offer or discount and the result that we have found is the positive one. Our stastics have shown that 71% of the people become the customer when they are exposed to any offers.

But along with this we have also found that the offering should be relavent and in a timely manner. Consumers responds to the offering in a positive manner when they purchases the shopping goods and speciality goods.

So, after analyzing the whole scenario the promobiz has made an endeavor to increase the business of the connected business enterprise and also to facilitate and delight the customers through cross selling and discounts.

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Gujarat - India.


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